All is against you. Ranging from mutant bears to geared up anarchists. Build a house to protect you and your teammates.


Make your own clan using /ccreate, or go solo and wreck all clans on your own. Your choice.


Raiding people is the way to go. Taking everything they own, and killing them in their sleep will prevent them from raiding you.

Hand-made with love.
To suit your needs.

We at Legacy Lives, pour our heart into the server every day. Doing anything in our power and creative minds to please and satisfy the lovely community. This ranges from programming an entire recycling system, to simple changes like making all messages uniform.


Changelog & Plugin List

Find us anywhere.

The most detailed and precise information on the server can be found right here on the website. However, we also have brief overviews of the server and it's features both on the official Fougerite website as well as on CrackedGameServers' website.

To stay up-to-date with all the changes made on the server, connect with us on social media.


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